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Las Americas Truck Driving School
738 S Waterman Ave Suite A-20 • San Bernardino CA 92408

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Welcome to Las Americas Trucking School, you've come to the right place to get your United States Commercial Driver License Class "A" within 4 weeks, valid for the 50 states across America. Las Americas Trucking School is considered second to none among the top regional training centers in Southern Las Americas.

Our training is available morning, afternoon, after-hour and weekends... you choose your class schedule. We'll help you to pass your written test in a blink of an eye.
Our mission is to provide you with the very best training in tractor trailer to make a career transition into the transportation industry as a Professional Commercial Driver.

The objective of our program is to take an individual who is or was under employed or unemployed and provide him/her with the best training in Tractor trailer operation during one of our different programs.
This training will enable them to qualify for a State license and to take the CDL written exam. It will provide them with all necessary skills required for an entry level position as a tractor trailer driver in the transportation industry.

We are
Job Placement

Not only we'll fully train you to become a Professional Truck Driver, with only 4 weeks of specialized hands-on CDL training in California, we'll also get you in contact with the largest companies in the industry.

We have an extensive placement assistance service with most of the main companies in the industry
Our extensive, always changing Job Data Bank, will put you in front of the most reputable and best paying companies nationwide.
With a solid reputation in the field, Las AmericasTruck Driving School can help you quickly get the position as entry-level driver.

For over 24 years, Las Americas Truck Driving School has trained over 7,100 drivers and continues to help put people to work every day!

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